February 19, 2008

A new home!

I now have a new home. Please join me in my new blogging adventures here-http://www.heatherbauers.typepad.com/ I will leave this up for a month so everyone can catch up.

February 17, 2008

Dark and edgy

I just got home from a family shoot with a 1, 3, and 5.5 yr old. What fun! My PEZ dispenser got a real workout, let me tell you. I just downloaded the photos and this was the first one I pulled up. I'm normally more of a light/fresh BnW lover, but this one screamed contrast to me...so I converted it a bit darker/moodier. This girl has incredible hair...oh to be 5.5 again, right?

February 14, 2008

Hand-me downs are my FRIEND!

I seriously love a bargain. I grew up in a family that LOVED garage-sales, thrifting and getting a good deal. My dad is the king of getting a steal, my mom the queen of saving, and my brother the prince of internet discounts. When we had A, we were given SO much we didn't know what to do with everything. Then, when we found out N was another boy...whoo-hoo, saving $$ by reusing a lot of the stuff we had from A. It was a win-win for us, besides...not that much time had passed in-between the boys-18months to the date almost. This bouncy chair is something I was excited to put N in for the first time. We got hours and hours of entertainment with A so I was hoping N would give us the same. So far...so good.

Just look at little N, does he not look like he's enjoying himself? Did I mention it vibrates and makes soothing noises? Ah yes...such is the life!

Obviously big brother wanted in on some of the action too. It's his first Lazy-Boy I think, just check that relaxed positon.


I LOVE receiving things in the mail (minus all the junk of course.) There is nothing quite like a letter or card from a friend or family member. Taking time to actually send something via snail-mail takes time and energy, not to mention at least $.41 (although that's soon to change.) I've got a friend of mine (Hi Robyn) who is the queen of snail-mail. She's so great, she remembers anniversaries/birthdays and pretty much any important day ever. I love receiving cards from her because I know she cares. One of my New Year's goals was to write/craft more cards this year. So far I've been doing pretty well and hope to contine this throughout the entire year. I know my family who are out of state especially like receiving things-it keeps them connected. If you have not hand-written a note lately, I would encourage you to do so...it's quite theraputic. Who cares if you don't like your handwriting...your recipient sure won't. They will be so thrilled to receive it, they will totally overlook any typos too (at least that's what I like to tell myself anyway...)

Just a funny shot to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY (yes...my DH will do just about anything-I LOVE this man!)

February 13, 2008

A little peace and quiet

I'm not afraid to admit it...I love nap time! Don't get me wrong...I so enjoy playing and interacting with my cuties, but sometimes momma CRAVES a mini-break. We are trying to get the boys on a similar schedule and it seems to be working. God has blessed us with 2, VERY good sleepers and their naps are starting to fall into place.

Little A gets his rosy cheeks from me.

Don't you wonder just what he's dreaming of?

February 12, 2008


I just KNEW I had seen this face before!

I love when babies make faces they don't even know they are making. It makes for some great candid pictures for the baby books. My N is VERY expressive (something he shares with me.) He can make the funniest faces, enough to make me laugh out loud when watching him. He has started to laugh and he will tilt his head back and let out a few giggles. It is seriously the cutest thing ever, I love it!

Thanks for all the nice comments about yesterdays post too. It's not always easy putting yourself out like that, but always nice to get positive vibes. Oh, and the lipstick is called Angel Red and it's from Clinique. I never thought I could wear red until I found this shade. It's more of a blue-red and works well with fair skinned, blonde folk like myself. I also recently found out it's one of their most popular sellers-go figure.

February 11, 2008

Gotta love yourself!

Just a little conversion fun:)
I think in order to fully love, you have to love and be comfortable with yourself. Nope, I'm not completely where I'd like to be in this, that's why I posting...it's forcing me to evaluate things and work on this area in my life. I have got to work on loving me the way God loves me! Right now I don't care for photos of myself...I can be critical (as I know many of us women can be.) However, it's important for me to face some of my fears head on, so that's why you're seeing pics of me today. I'm facing my fear and learning to love myself the way I am right now. I thought this was a good way to start off Valentines week and for my mom to see a recent snap of me-HI MOM!

ISO250, ap5.6, 1/250, 24-70 (thus the reason for any distortion)

February 10, 2008

Some moments are priceless.

This is how Dad and son spend Saturday morning...watching toons together. Don't they look mezmorized?